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I'm Melanie but everyone I know calls me Mel. My lashing journey started 11 years ago. I went from renting a room for the first months to then going home based and never looking back. I not only love, love, love lashes! But I love that l've been able to build my business from home while also being able to have my sons, alongside me for the ride! I love all things lashes but especially textured lashes! I've been teaching texture online and in person internationally for texture since 2018. I've taught classes over the US, Canada, Australia the UK & recently Denmark. I feel so incredibly thankful every single time I get to teach a class - it's such a dream being able to be in a room with other entrepreneurs that shares the same passion and hunger for lashes! I've been working on creating GLTR ever since 2019 to bring to market the fibre types I like working best with and launched it finally this spring of 2023. GLTR is my 3rd baby (I have two sons) that l've been dreaming up for years and to see it come to life with all of its magical touches, is reminding me that hard work pays off!










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