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My name is Manami Edwards

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I am passionate about teaching and have extensive experience from attending and judging numerous competitions over the years.

My expertise will guide you to become an advanced lash artist, specialising in Asian eye styling and long lasting retention mentoring. Additionally, I excel in Anime lash and Kim K styling.



Founder Co-Director of Blanco London Ltd

Organiser Lash Queen Lash competition Japan 2019/2020

Multi lash Competition winner, published Lash stylist , Lash trainer and competition Judge.


 Award/Career list

  • 1st place in Classic Lash battle London , 2015 , UK

  • 1st place in 3-4D Volume Europe lash 2016, POLAND

  • 3rd place in 5-6D Volume Europe lash  2016,  POLAND

  • 1st place in Nude Look Lash battle  London 2016 UK

  • 3rd place 3-4D Volume Lash battle London 2016 UK

  • 1st place 2-3D Volume The lash game London 2016 UK

  • Certified Flawless Lashes by Loreta trainer,London trainer 2017

  • Judge International Eyelash Competition in Taipei,TAIWAN 2017

  • Judge Lash Battle 2018 Glasgow

  • Judge, speaker, workshop holder Lash Social UK 2018

  • Judge Lash Championship Ho chi min city , Vietnam 2018

  • Award winner Flawless UK mentor of the year UK 2018

  • Speaker/Judge at Lash Social UK 2018

  • Speaker Eyelash conference Tokyo 2019 Tokyo, Japan

  • Judge Eyelash Competition Valencia Spain 2019

  • Judge Lash university  UK 2019

  • Judge Look by linn Sweden Award 2019 

  • Judge Lash championship Spain 2019

  • Judge The lash game London UK 2019

  • Judge Tokyo eyelash competition

  • Speaker Tokyo Eyelash conference 2019

  • Speaker Sweden Conference

  • Speaker / Judge artistic league awards 2019 Scotland

  • Judge Eyelash competition in MEXICO 2020

  • Speaker Eyelash conference in MEXICO 2020

  • Webinar Holder at LME 2020 UK Conference speaker 

  • Judge Thailand Lash and Brow competition 2020 

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