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Dzhuliya Khvostenkozilvia 

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- Successful practitioner international teacher, experience of more than five years. 

- The founder and head of the school - studio "Dzhuliya's lashes", as well as the store selling materials for lash extensions. 

- The creator and presenter of the author's efficient program "Perfect volume 2-7D". 

- She has released her own line of the best curved tweezers for volumes. 

- Creator and presenter of large-scale practical marathons for bunches 

- Speaker of leading international marathons and conferences 

- Judge of international championships




-Dzhuliya's lashesスクールの創設者兼CEO、スクールのみならずマツエク商材も手がける

-the author's efficient programの"Perfect volume 2-7D"部門の主催兼講演者